Tom Brennan has worked with countless creatives, editors and educators over his career. Here are just a few of his satisfied collaborators.
Wacker“The smartest guy in the room and the hardest working one, too.” ~Stephen Wacker (VP, Marvel Animation)
WyattCenac“A good editor is one that can see the big picture. They work with writers rather than force things out of writers. They encourage creativity by not discouraging ideas while always keeping one eye focused on the deadline. Tom Brennan is a good editor…who, coincidentally, edited this quote.” ~Wyatt Cenac (Comedian, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)
PhilJimenez“Tom was the guy who got me through some of my toughest creative blocks and helped me ascend to some of the most important highs in my professional career.” ~Phil Jimenez (Writer/artist, Savage Wolverine, Wonder Woman)
ElliottKalan“Tom Brennan is one of those rare people with a deep understanding of the creative process, humor, storytelling, and most amazingly, punctual scheduling — everything I’ve written for him comes out better for having had his collaboration.” ~Elliott Kalan (Head writer, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart)
SaraBenincasa“Tom Brennan is smart, funny, and wise beyond his tender, moist, delicious years. I found him to be a capable, no-nonsense editor who still managed to soothe my virgin comic-writing fears.” ~Sara Benincasa (Comedian, author, Agorafabulous)
KurtBraunohler“[Tom] supported all my ideas while still bringing great ideas of his own to the table. And working with Tom as a human person – he’s nice AND funny, which is a rare combination.” ~Kurt Braunohler (Comedian, IFCs Bunk, Bob’s Burgers)
MaryPhillipsSandy“If you’re in a Tom Brennan production you’ll receive thorough preparation and excellent promotion, then you’ll arrive on time and eager to put on a great show–because besides being hyper-organized, Tom’s a super-nice guy with a fantastic attitude.” ~Mary Philips-Sandy (Managing editor, ComedyCentral.com)
011802RobertGeorge1DR“Each month, Electoral Dysfunction 2013 combines an ideologically diverse panel of witty folks talking politics with an improv show that is as smart as it is entertaining. It takes a rare talent to produce such a unique two-fer. Tom Brennan is that guy.” ~Robert A. George (Editorial columnist, New York Post)
AllieTakeda“Tom is a natural leader, a positive influence on any team. The example he sets encourages everyone around him to do and be better.” ~Allison Takeda (Editor, Us Weekly)
IanAbrams“One of my best teachers. Our students are unbelievably lucky to have somebody with Tom’s skill and experience teaching them” ~Ian Abrams (Director, Drexel University’s Screenwriting & Playwriting Program)
KlausJanson“Responsible, professional and knowledgeable, Tom brings a world of experience to every project.” ~Klaus Janson (Artist and storyteller, The Dark Knight Returns, Daredevil)
JenVanMeter“One of the smartest, most professional editors with whom I’ve worked…he has made each of the projects I’ve done with him an absolute pleasure, and I’ve come away from each a better writer.” ~Jen Van Meter (Writer, Hopeless Savages, Marvel’s Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes)