Guns don't kill people. Unless you're using them to kill people. Then they do.

I don’t have much to say about this past weekend’s shooting in California, except to say that Guns don’t kill people, violent people kill people. But since we can’t control the birth of violent people, maybe we should do something about those guns, which we can control.

I get that this instance of a mass shooting has (like all of them) more complications than to it than a simple, mythical “gun nut.”  Nobody thinks that simply handing a gun to a human being turns them into a violent monster.  And nobody believes that stricter gun laws will eradicate all violence.  But when so many obviously violent and disturbed people end up with legal, easy access to firearms, something’s gotta change.

(By the way, I love when the anti-gun control crowd throws out the cavalier, ‘if someone wants a gun, they’ll get a gun’ bullshit excuse.  You know what California, Newtown and so many more shootings have in common? A gun that was legally purchased and easily accessible to the shooter.  I know y’all love to drop that “they’ll buy illegal guns” script on us, but so far it hasn’t been the case.)

I’m relatively agnostic on gun ownership. I agree a citizenry shouldn’t be unarmed.  But I also find the selfish nature of the majority gun owners on this argument (I’ll be fair that maybe it’s a vocal minority, but the silent majority is complicit until they stand up).

They contend that they’re up against close minded liberals, but when the Senate last tried to pass major gun control reform, Democrats nominated Senator Joe Manchin,  he with an A Rating from the NRA, he who refused to endorse President Obama, and he who featured his gun proficiency in his campaign ads, to lead the charge. He proposed common sense solutions to keep crazy, violent people from being able to legally purchase guns.  The NRA targeted him with an attack ad and Senate Republicans put a stop to this legislation, supported by 90% of Americans.  

So if 90% of Americans support gun control legislation pushed through by one of the most conservative senators in the Senate, neither I nor anyone who believes in logic can buy that this is some group of liberal fringe kooks out to steal guns.

I don’t mind a debate. I find the refusal of one side to even engage in the debate to be cowardly and shameful.  Y’all don’t have to support these laws.  But you have to stop pretending your precious toys aren’t a part of the problem and that there shouldn’t be more laws to protect the rest of us from your potentially dangerous decisions.

Earlier today, I read that “Joe the Plumber” attacked the parents of this weekend’s victims for arguing that maybe if this guy didn’t have a gun, he might not have shot their children.  You all remember Joe the Plumber, right? His name’s not Joe and he’s not a plumber.  That guy.  Anyway, I posted the article on Twitter and I was told that “responsible gun owners don’t think that way.”

I’ll bet they don’t, but I find it strange that they remain silent after these tragedies, or at least join in on the cynical attack that says there’s “nothing we can do”.  Like I said, I more or less support gun ownership.  But I’m not finding a ton of reasons to support gun owners if they consistently refuse to even entertain the notion that they have a responsibility to the same country that gives them the right to own their beloved guns in the first place.

Kids keep getting killed by maniacs who have legal, easy access to very dangerous weapons.  I can’t believe that anyone truly believes we shouldn’t try to stop that.