Comic Book & Graphic Novel Content Creator

DaredevilTom Brennan spent seven years working as a comic book editor for Marvel Comics, the leading publisher in the comic book industry, serving as chief story editor, content producer and project manager for countless print and digital titles featuring notable properties such as The Avengers, The Amazing Spider-Man, Wolverine and Captain America. Managing creative talent across the country and planet, Tom worked on projects enjoyed by audiences the world over.

Some notable achievements include The New York Times best-seller Daredevil: Season One, The Prism award-winning Iron Man: The Iron Age event, the famous Amazing Spider-Man #583, which featured President Barack Obama and went on to be the highest selling comic book of the decade, and the comedy anthologies Shame Itself and Marvel: Now What?!, which brought popular comedians Scott Adsit, Sara Benincasa, Wyatt Cenac and Sara Schaefer to Marvel’s writing roster.  Shame Itself went on to be nominated for a Harvey Award, one of the top awards in the industry.

Tom’s biggest project by far was The Amazing Spider-Man during the acclaimed and controversial Brand New Day era, where he worked with industry luminaries Mark Waid, Joe Kelly and VP of Marvel Animation Stephen Wacker on a weekly production schedule. He also realized a life long dream by working with comic book icon Stan Lee on the series’ landmark 600th issue. He has has also collaborated with DC Comics, Disney Publishing and Dynamite Entertainment.

In November of 2014, Tom joined the editorial staff of Valiant Entertainment, a head-line generating comic book start-up. In 2015, Valiant earned twenty Harvey Award nominations, leading the industry.  He is currently working on properties such as fan-favorite Ninjak and the critically acclaimed Ivar, Timewalker, while also editing the company’s flagship title, X-O Manowar and breakout hit Faith, a project featured on the The AtlanticThe New York Times and even The Today Show.